A secure platform where lenders can achieve high rates of return?

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About us

MoneyThing is a business lending platform and part of the fastest growing sector in the alternative banking sector. We match lenders with borrowers, leaving out the banks and offering better deals all round.

What makes MoneyThing innovative is our approach, which combines several of the best features of the current lending platform market; as a MoneyThing lender, you only buy existing loans which we have already vetted, asset-secured and lent on ourselves. Our asset-secured lending means all our loans are backed by an asset, provided by the borrower, for which we offer a typical loan-to-value ratio of 50-70%. Each of our borrower’s assets are independently valued. We then set the loan-to-value figure based on this valuation.

This means we can offer lenders...

  • High interest rates – up to 1% per month
  • Asset secured with low Loan-to-Value
  • No ‘dead’ time – your money is earning interest as soon as you invest in a loan
  • Flexible terms – sell your investment at any time with our secondary market
  • Full and open transparency



MoneyThing is a trading name of Capital Mortgages Direct. Founded in 2004, Capital Mortgages Direct opened as a financial services company with an aim to educate clients in money management. With a clear ethos to work solely in their clients’ best interest, Capital Mortgages Direct predominant focus was to help clients save large amounts of interest on their mortgage. Following the recession, Capital Mortgages Direct branched out to the bridging finance sector. Business lending has been a natural progression for Capital Mortgages Direct establishing MoneyThing in November 2014.

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