Key facts

MoneyThing has been fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
We have financed a diverse range of business projects from multi-million property developments to vehicle and aircraft finance.
MoneyThing is one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer lenders to businesses (AltFI).
We offer our lenders a wide choice of loans that are priced according to term and risk. We don’t give advice, but we do provide an information pack on each loan so lenders can make their own informed decisions.
MoneyThing only provide secured, asset-backed lending at sensible and current loan-to-value ratios (no futuristic Gross Development Valuations here).
As with all peer-to-peer loans, your capital and interest payments are at risk and you might not get back all that you lent.

About us

MoneyThing is a peer-to-peer lending platform and part of the fastest growing sector in alternative banking. We match lenders with business borrowers, leaving out the banks and offering better deals all round.

What makes MoneyThing different from other peer-to-peer lenders is our approach to lending. We are committed to providing the best service we can to lenders and borrowers. We do that by listening to our customers, learning from feedback and aiming for excellence.


We are a self-funded family business and since our launch in February 2015, we have experienced fantastic organic growth, due to the support of our growing lender and borrower base.


Our approach


We make responsible lending decisions and act in the best interests of our lenders and borrowers. We run our business for the long term and make sure that we have the right people, processes, technology and finances in place to support our plans.


We listen to our customers and to the market needs. We stay agile and adapt to changing conditions and demands. We try and give the best customer service we can.


We build relationships with our own team, introducers, partners, borrowers and lenders and find solutions that work for everyone.



We are a self-funded family business and we make our own decisions. We have chosen to grow organically and profitably. We operate a stable business model and we don’t sacrifice profit for growth.


We keep the needs of our lenders and borrowers at the heart of what we do and give an equitable deal to everyone.

Our fees

There are no charges to lenders for using our service.

We believe in transparency and that also means providing our borrowers with simple, clear and transparent pricing.

We charge an arrangement fee which is typically 1%-2% and that covers costs of sale like the due diligence that we carry out on borrowers to arrange a loan and also our platform listing costs.

We charge an ongoing fee for maintaining the loan and that covers our running costs and the cost of ongoing management and maintenance of the loans and any audits.

We don’t charge exit fees and there are no hidden charges.

Borrowers also pay interest to lenders which is typically 8-13% depending on the risk and term of the loan.

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