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Ed Pearce
Managing Director

What I bring to MT: I have long been fascinated with the Fintech industry and the developments in alternative finance. My vision was to create a lending platform as the front end of an existing lending business and to give a better deal to everyone.

I’ve been working on developing MoneyThing since 2013. Before that, I held senior operational roles in a number of start-up software companies where their activities ranged from aircraft performance software, email encryption to credit card payment services. Latterly I was Managing Director of a local gold bullion business.

Experience in working for software start-ups has helped me to get MoneyThing off the ground and I’ve now got an excellent team around me committed to growing the business.

Role at MT: I’m very much hands on with all aspects of the business. I engage with our lenders to understand their needs, mainly through an online forum that I contribute to regularly. I’m also involved in all our lending decisions and I like to know each of our borrowers.

The best part of my job is… looking at our growth statistics! I’m proud of what we have achieved to date, but this also acts as a motivator. I enjoy looking to the future and planning what we need to do to take the business to the next stage.

David Monro

What I bring to MT: I have been in financial services for some 35 years. In 2004 I started Capital Mortgages Direct Ltd as a mortgage and money management brokerage.

I ran that as a successful enterprise, but like many businesses, it was affected by the financial crisis. I moved into bridging loans to UK businesses until Ed approached me in 2014.

I bring expertise in making sensible lending decisions. I’ve also been involved in the compliance side of FCA regulated businesses for many years and I bring an understanding of and expertise in the compliance and regulatory framework that applies to the business.

Role at MT: I’m an active member of the Board and have helped set the direction of the business. Day to day, I now manage the ongoing security of loans. This involves carrying out audits where necessary and checking on development progress of property loans.

The best part of my job is…. seeing a loan repay at the end of the term and see the interest and capital paid back to lenders. That’s what we’re here for and for me that is a job well done each time.

Dena Chadderton
Finance Director and Compliance Officer

What I bring to MT: I’m a Chartered Accountant as well as holding aCISI Diploma in Investment Compliance. Before MoneyThing, I was a consultant at Bovill, where I supported a number of crowd-funding and peer-to-peer platforms working towards their full permissions with the FCA.

Prior to Bovill, I worked for Crowd-Shed, a start-up crowd funding platform. I have also held a number of senior roles in the financial services industry including Finance Director at Octopus Investments and New World Investment Manager and Financial Controller at Polar Capital.

Role at MT: As FD, I’m responsible for the financial side of the business as well as playing an active role on the Board.

As Compliance Officer I have a very specific remit to make sure we run the business within the regulatory framework. For me that means developing a culture of compliance and making sure the whole team have the same approach to regulation. This is particularly important given the changing regulatory environment in P2P at the moment.

The best part of my job is… being involved at the sharp end of business again. I’ve been a consultant for some time and I really enjoyed it, but as a consultant I didn’t always find out what happened next with the businesses. Here, I know the impact of our decisions and I can see the difference and contribute to the growth.

Sophie Pearce
Business Development Director

What I bring to MT: I bring 10 years’ experience in marketing and business development, working at Director level for young software companies. I have an MBA from Ashridge Business School (now part of Holt International Business School).

Role at MT: I joined MoneyThing in October 2015 and since then my focus has been on strengthening our regulatory and legal frameworks and improving our operational processes so we can grow from a stable base. I also look after a number of our existing borrowers, many of whom have borrowed from MoneyThing many times across multiple projects.

We are now entering a different phase in our business lifecycle and my focus will be on new business opportunities including developing relationships with our key sales channel partners such as brokers, introducers as well as meeting with new borrowers directly.

The best part of my job is… learning. I regularly speak with lenders, borrowers, partners, competitors, industry experts and the team here. I learn something every day that adds to my knowledge of the industry or helps shape my thinking.

Ben photo
Ben Gilbert
Non-Executive Director

What I bring to MT: I bring a dual perspective to MoneyThing. As a peer-to-peer lender myself, I understand the needs, concerns and aspirations of the lenders who make the platform what it is. As part of a team bringing in new loans, I get to understand borrowers’ requirements, and to direct the work that goes on behind the scenes to maximise the security and robustness of deals.

My background is in banking. After I studying at Oxford and Cambridge universities, I worked at Natwest and RBS Financial Markets, where I headed a team responsible for hundreds of millions of pounds of investments and loans.

I left banking to focus on building fairer and more efficient ways of doing business. A keen peer-to-peer investor myself, I co-founded Broadoak Private Finance in 2014, and concentrated on building the peer-to-peer side of the business through our partnership with MoneyThing.

Role at MT: I am an active member of the Board and I contribute to the strategic direction of the business. I take on projects to help deliver our medium to long term objectives and new product development is a key part of my remit. I’m actively looking at ways to better serve our borrowers and lenders and improve our services.

The best part of my job is… seeing the team turn new ideas into reality – at surprising speed. And then the feedback from lenders when we get things right (and chance to learn if we don’t).

Shaung Gao
Shuang Gao
Chief Technical Officer

What I bring to MoneyThing: I bring over 17 years professional client/server application development experience. I have had extensive exposure to the full project life cycle of enterprise software solutions.

I have a degree in Opto-Electronic Information Systems and a Masters in Business Management. I have worked with a variety of firms including MasterCard, DataCash and PayPoint.

Role at MT: As CTO I work closely with Ed and design what the business needs from a technical perspective. I do a lot of the platform development work myself, but I also have a team of developers that support me. I also make sure that our platform runs well, it has sufficient capacity and redundancy to cope with increasing demand and that it is secure.

The best part of my job is… the challenge of both improving the service and keeping it simple. Since the first launch, we have made countless small releases as well as adding new major functionality.

Lucy Monro
Lender Support

What I bring to MoneyThing: Before MT, I worked for myself and ran my own catering business. I was a one-woman team and did everything from accounts to sales to baking.

I can’t say I use my catering skills at MT (except on birthdays), but I certainly use the same work ethic and customer service skills.

Role at MT:  I work in the operations team and my focus is mainly on supporting our lenders. This involves day-to-day support as well as helping new lenders to register. I also manage our loan listings, including launching new loan opportunities on the platform and keeping information current.

The best part of my job is… helping to improve our processes. We have a lot of set processes that we follow to make sure we comply with regulation, operate efficiently and minimise errors. I like looking at our processes and suggesting ways of automating or improving them.

Margaret Lee
Lender Support

What I bring to MT: I have had: 10 years in Cinema Management with the Rank Organisation, 25 more years in Employee and Media relations for Royal Mail, and 10 years in credit control for Sage Accounting Group.

I bring a broad range of experience, organisational skills and a steadying maturity to this young company. Do not do the maths – you should never seek to know a lady’s age!

Role at MT: I work in the operations team and process new lender application forms, carry out initial identify checks on lenders and borrowers and process lender deposits and withdrawals.

The best part of my job is… I love being involved with this hard-working team and helping to grow the business and best of all – they still value my input – allegedly!

Bailey - Picture1
Ian Bailey
Lender Support

What I bring to MoneyThing: I don’t fit the usual profile for an office recruit- I am a builder by trade and have ran my own business for many years. This role at MoneyThing is the start of a new career path for me and I come with a lot of enthusiasm for it.

Role at MT: I work part time in lender support with Lucy and Margaret, I process new lender applications, carry out identity checks and process deposits and withdrawals.

The best part of my job is… there are two things I particularly like about my role. I’ve found it very interesting to learn about a whole new industry and particularly what lenders look for. I also love working with the team here.

Andy Williamson
Financial Controller

What I bring to MT: I am a chartered accountant with over six years’ experience in financial services, having qualified with Deloitte LLP in 2013.

Role at MT: I ensure that our borrowers are up to date with their payments and track and manage any arrears. In addition, I review our borrowers company or management accounts if required as part of the sales process or to review security. I also provide support in keeping the company accounts up to date and I work closely with the management team to plan for the future requirements of the company.

The best part of my job is… the exposure to many different aspects of the business, whether it’s data process improvements, assisting in the preparation of management information and reporting to the Board or performing financial due diligence on potential borrowers.

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