Key Facts

Nature of Business: vehicle finance

Loan details: 25 separate loans totalling £3,925,000

Loan purpose: to release capital tied up in HP loans

Final loan repayment: loan(s) repaid in full on August 4, 2017


“I would like personally to thank all the MoneyThing lenders who have supported us over the past 18 months. The funding from lenders has taken us through a crucial stage in our growth and has enabled us to take the business to the next stage.”

Alan Tomlin, Managing Director at Asset Exchange

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MoneyThing has been providing regular finance to Asset Exchange at the rate of £125k-250k per month since November 2015.

This funding, which eventually reached a cumulative total of over £3.9m, allowed Asset Exchange to release valuable capital that would otherwise have been tied up in HP contracts so that it could expand and develop its business.

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