About borrowing


The easy way to use your assets to release money.

MoneyThing’s vision is to create a better deal for both borrowers and lenders.

We provide our business borrowers with an alternative to banks and building societies and to remove some of the difficulties now associated with finding finance.

If you are a business looking for finance and you own assets, MoneyThing can help.

MoneyThing provide asset-based loans typically up to 50-70% of the asset value, depending on type. We will consider providing loans of a greater LTV on an exception basis depending on the quality of the security. We have a minimum loan amount of £5,000 on vehicles and £25,000 on property.

*Commercial property.
Borrow for 3 to 12 months from 1.5% per month.
Rapid short-term finance for companies.



"By offering both borrowers and lenders a better deal, websites that put the two together are challenging retail banks."

The Economist

Is your commercial banker not returning your calls?

MoneyThing is committed to enabling business growth through funding everyday expenses, assisting with projects and expansion where your bank may be unable or unwilling to provide the support your business needs. We provide solutions to business clients through asset backed finance to assist with liquidity, acquisitions and working capital. MoneyThing welcomes contact from intermediaries including law firms, fiduciaries and professional advisors who believe we can assist their clients. Benefits of working with MoneyThing include:

  • A pragmatic and commercial approach;
  • a simple client take-on process;
  • personal and professional client management;
  • no drawn out decision making.

…and we’ll return your calls. If you believe you or your clients would benefit from speaking to MoneyThing contact us at solutions@moneything.com or call us on 0800 066 3344.


Our partners


In some instances MoneyThing take on ownership of existing loans from our partners and make them available to lenders on our online platform.

MoneyThing are building a network of partners who we work with in order to facilitate our clients’ diverse needs.


Cash Shop

Cash Shop is a 14-branch, high-street retail financial services provider serving UK customers since 2004. Specialising in pawnbroking, buyback, cheque cashing and short-term loans, Cash Shop has a diversified portfolio of services to meet the public demand for short-term cash. Initially established by the founder of the UK’s original cheque cashing company, Cash Shop is now owned and operated by individuals with combined experience of over 40 years in the industry. Cash Shop is dedicated to treating their customers fairly, and helping them access instant cash and quality, pre-owned goods with a view to enhancing their lives. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, through an experienced, dedicated team. Cash Shop immediately recognised the flexibility that a partnership with MoneyThing could bring. With instant access to funds through MoneyThing’s platform, Cash Shop has been able to improve cash flow, thus creating new and exciting opportunities for investors, customers and staff.

Broadoak Private Finance

Broadoak Private Finance is a bridging and development lender. They fund loans using their own funds and those of a small group of investors, giving them the freedom to evaluate each loan on its own merits instead of being bound by rigid criteria. Their team has decades of experience in property finance and banking. Their partnership with MoneyThing is established to help provide additional capital to fund their expanding property loan book.