Privacy Policy


1.  All information that is collected by MoneyThing is held for specified and lawful purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. MoneyThing will endeavour to ensure that the details it holds in respect of the Client are accurate and kept up to date.

2.  Under the Data Protection Act 1998 the Client has the right to access certain personal records held about it by MoneyThing. If the Client wishes to exercise this right, it should write to the ‘Data Protection Officer’ at MoneyThing’s London HQ. MoneyThing will charge a small administrative fee (£10).

3.  In order for MoneyThing to provide the Client with its services it will collect, use, share and store personal and financial information (the Client’s Information), including information received by MoneyThing from the Client and third parties such as employers, joint account holders, credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies or other organisations when the Client completes an Application Form, or provided to MoneyThing any other time. By accepting these Conditions, the Client consents to MoneyThing obtaining information from such third parties. The Client’s Information will be kept confidential and secure.

4.  Where the Client provides personal and financial information about others, it confirms that it has their consent or is otherwise entitled to provide this information to MoneyThing and for it to be used in accordance with the Conditions.

5.  MoneyThing will only disclose the Client’s Information to its Associated Companies either with the Client’s express consent or for any of the following legitimate business purposes to the Client agrees:

  • to comply with MoneyThing’s legal and regulatory obligations;
  • to prevent, detect or investigate the commission of a criminal offence or a suspected criminal offence;
  • to gather information as part of an investigation by a regulatory body or in connection with a legal claim;
  • to ensure compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and corporate governance requirements and with MoneyThing’s policies and procedures;
  • to respond to requests for records from regulatory bodies or other authorised parties;
  • to detect, investigate and enforce suspected breaches of our policies and procedures;
  • to investigate a complaint or otherwise to establish the existence of facts in the context of business transactions or communications;
  • to ensure efficient operation, management and security of MoneyThing’s communications networks and systems;
  • to check the quality and quantity of MoneyThing’s employees’ work; or
  • to monitor interactions between the Client and MoneyThing for training purposes. Please note that if MoneyThing becomes aware of any unlawful activities, information or content, it may remove or disable access to the relevant information and report the information to appropriate authorities.

6.  MoneyThing may use the Client’s Information to inform the Client by letter, telephone, text (or similar) messages, email and other electronic methods about products and services (including those of others). The Client may notify MoneyThing in writing at any time if it does not wish to receive marketing communications from MoneyThing.

7.  MoneyThing will retain information about the Client after the termination of the Contract or if the Order is not accepted for as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention, financial crime and legitimate business purposes.

8.  Telephone calls may be recorded for security, quality control and training purposes. The Client agrees to provide MoneyThing promptly with any change of address or other change in personal details. If the Client fails to do so promptly, or not at all, MoneyThing shall not be liable for any loss arising as a result. MoneyThing shall update and correct the Client’s Information as soon as reasonably practicable after receipt of such details.